Session Plan

Each 4 hour session will aim to cover a return loop of approximately 15-20 miles (22-30 km) and 1800 feet (600 meters) of climbing with three climbs and three descents. This is based on an average tech rider with a good level of fitness. To achieve these routes in 4 hours means comfort breaks need to kept to one of 20 minutes. If you feel this will be too difficult please notify us in advance and I am sure we can find a solution which suits all riders. As these routes will be in remote areas please ensure you bring at least 1.5 litres of fluid to keep hydrated, a small sugary snack, fixing tools, two spare inner tubes and appropriate clothing to suit the weather forecast. We recommend checking the Met Office application the day and morning before. Accuracy is very good these days. Finally as Mountain Biking is not without risks and if you are pushing yourself to progress there is a chance you will kiss the ground once in a while. To avoid spoiling yours and the other peoples day please ensure you are equipped with a MTB Helmet and Gloves as a minimum. Knee pads are also highly recommended. If the worst does happen and you need treatment we are Outdoor First Aid trained. Thanks for respecting yourself and others!

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