To ensure we continue to operate our services in the safest possible manner and considering the recent global pandemic of Corona Virus 19 (COVID-19) we have implemented the following control measures which are relevant to all participants.

  1. All Risk Assessments updated to consider COVID-19 hazards.
  2. Pre Ride Checklist and Client Feedback Forms are now digital.
  3. Group size is limited on all sessions to maximum 5 per instructor.
  4. Social Distancing to be maintained at 2 meters when riding and stationary between all trail users. Walkers shall have priority.
  5. Touching others Bike, Sharing of tools or equipment will be avoided at all times. Where it is unavoidable disposable PPE (gloves, mask, etc.) and sanitising shall be utilised.
  6. No sharing of hydration or food. Each participant to have their own and hand washing with soap or sanitising to be carried out.
  7. All payments shall be made digitally. No cash accepted.
  8. If first aid needs to be administered (consent required in advance) then this shall be done utilising disposable PPE i.e. gloves, apron, face mask and eye protection. Accident logbook to be filled in all cases.

The above have been done in alignment with the UK health, safety and environment guidelines available to view on the weblink below.

Stay alert & stay safe!

Be a good Neighbour!

Ride Safe! Be Nice! Say Hi!

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